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Actualizado: 30 abr 2021

In this post, I would like to share some advice and strategies regarding the Reading

Students often worry about the reading parts of the exam mostly because they think:

  • there is too little time

  • there is too much unknown vocabulary

  • they won’t see the link between the questions and the text

Their worries are often compounded by the following mistakes they make while dealing with the tasks:

  • reading the text without knowing why they are supposed to read it

  • not underlining key information

  • reading the questions section carelessly

Here are some strategies I share with my students:

Read the questions/statements first

  • don’t ever expect the words/phrases from the questions/statements to appear in the text

  • try to imagine how keywords/concepts from the question/statement might be formulated in the text

Here is a video with explanations of each part of the Reading tests and some good tips:

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