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First of all you need to know that this part of the exam tests the way words are formed in English, including the use of prefixes and suffixes,

  • Nouns from verbs

  • Adjectives from nouns

  • Forming opposites

So now that you now the basics, here are some tips...

Tip 1

You will be given one continuous text .You should change the word given at the end of the line so that it fits into the text both by meaning and part of speech. You will always need to make some changes, so never leave the word as it is given.

Tip 2 The first thing you should do is read the whole text first.

Tip 3 The words are always next to the line with the relevant gap, so stop trying to find where each word should go!

Tip 4 Go with your instinct. If a word pops into your head it is probably right, especially with the students who read a lot in English!

Tip 5 You should think about what type of word goes into each gap. This can be done using clues such as word order.

Tip 6 Having ascertained what kind of word should go in the gap, You then have to come up with the actual word! If they are completely unfamiliar with it, you can guess it by adding prefixes and suffixes until you get something that sounds right. Often, while doing this, you will hit on the right answer

Tip 7 Students won't lose points for wrong answers!

Tip 8 If you have time, you should read through the whole text again with their answers completed to make sure it makes sense and sounds correct.

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